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Anthony Dalton

COO, Chief Data Scientist

Sandi Landicho

Chief Financial Officer

John Cordova, RN, BSN, PHN, MSN(IP)

Director of Workforce Development and Clinical Partnerships

Joy Hermsen, MBA

Director of Innovative Partnerships

Matt Wakely

Director of Communications

Aimee A.

Instructor of Human Touch Healthcare

Kelcie A.

Manager of Scholar Success

Marlene B.


Shanea Caldwell

Shanea C.

HR, Finance & Contracts Administrative Assistant

Alan C., PhD

Director of Data Science

Austin C.

Business Analyst

Lili C.

Director of Finance and Accounting

Tyson C.

IT Manager

Eduardo C.

Bilingual Instructor of Peer Support Specialist and Human Touch Healthcare

Samantha C.

Senior Manager of Student Services

Carrie D.

Workforce Development & Clinical Partnerships Administrative Assistant

Andrea D.

Executive Assistant to CEO

Shondi F.

Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Max G.

Instructor of Human Touch Healthcare

Yarely G.

Workforce Development & Clinical Partnerships Project Coordinator

Dr. Cathleen G.

Grants Manager

Oscar G.

Senior Developer

Jin K.

Sr. Program Manager – Direct Care and Jumpstart Pathways

Juliana K.

Senior Manager of Data Systems

Sarah M.

Inquiry and Outreach Representative

Steve M.

Application Development Manager

Lonnie Mills

Lonnie M.

Manager – Clinical Externships

Michelle M.

Project Manager

Chris M.

Director of Systems Engineering

Lucy M.

Communications Coordinator

Tyler Nguyen

Tyler N.

Data Analyst

Dr. Karrie N.

Associate Program Manager – Special Programs Pathways

Leah P.

Project Coordinator

Maya R.

Communications Manager

Brooke S.

Project/Program Coordinator for Human Touch Healthcare

Daniel T.

CCPHIT Project Manager

Traci W.

Program Manager – Surgical Services Pathways

Success Coaches

Clara B.

Enrollment Advisor, Trainer

Margaret B.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Bryan E.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Natina E.

Futuro Health Success Coach Lead

Lilly H.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Allie L.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Hans L.

Futuro Health Success Coach Lead

Shelby P.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Patsy S.

Futuro Health Success Coach Lead

Allis W.

Futuro Health Success Coach

Willawrence W.

Futuro Health Success Coach