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The Human Touch Healthcare course provides learners with the essential interpersonal skills to become excellent allied health professionals.


The Human Touch Healthcare program is a self-paced (asynchronous) and instructor-led (synchronous) immersive training course that provides learners with the essential interpersonal skills to become an allied health care professional. Through this course, participants will participate in interactive learning sessions, web-based content, videos demonstrations, journaling, assessments, and cohort-based live instruction that ensures transformative learning of each competency. The course includes the following competencies: (1) Empathy & Compassion in Healthcare, (2) Cultural Competence, (3) Effective Communication, (4) Emotional Intelligence, (5) Teamwork & Collaboration, and (6) Ethics & Integrity. Upon completion of each module, students will perform learning assessments and earn digital badges demonstrating mastery of each competency.  

After completing the Human Touch Healthcare program, the learner will be able to:

Empathy & Compassion in Healthcare

  • Understand empathy and its outcomes in healthcare
  • Identify differences between sympathy, empathy, and compassion
  • Understand common barriers to empathy and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to display empathy using reflective listening and empathetic responses

Cultural Competence

  • Understand the importance of cultural competence in healthcare
  • Learn how to increase cultural competence self-awareness
  • Utilize techniques to increase awareness of others 
  • Understand strategies for practicing cultural humility

Effective Communication

  • Understand the role of building rapport and non-verbal communication 
  • Identify element of two- and three-way communication  
  • Understand elements of effective team communication
  • Manage conflict between co-workers and patients

Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn how to cope with stress and other work-related challenges
  • Understand how to partner with others through relationship management
  • Identify the elements of social and self-awareness
  • Understand the importance of self-regulation

Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Apply effective teamwork practices
  • Learn techniques to effectively adjust and adapt to change
  • Understand principles of accountability and self-leadership
  • Identify and practice different conflict resolution techniques

Ethics & Integrity

  • Demonstrate a personal and professional code of ethics
  • Act with integrity and support active caring
  • Understand HIPAA laws and regulations
  • Display professionalism in a healthcare setting



8-10 weeks

Min Quals

Must be enrolled in the Medical Assistant, Community Health Worker with a Behavioral Health Emphasis, or the Human Touch Healthcare for Health IT program.


Online: self-paced (asynchronous) and instructor-led (synchronous)

Credential Awarded

Digital badges will be awarded for each of the six competencies:

-Emotional Intelligence
-Empathy and Compassion
-Effective Communication
-Cultural Competence
-Ethics and Integrity


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