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Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist

A Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist is an adult (18-year-old or older) person who has self-identified as having lived experience with the recovery process from mental illness, substance use disorder, or other significant traumas. You can also be a Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist if you experienced a close family member undergo the recovery process and now want to support others through the same. Futuro Health is a CalMHSA-approved vendor of the Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist training. This program calls for applicants who have lived experience dealing with vulnerabilities and disparities such as, but not limited, to these: being an immigrant, LGBTQ+, trauma victim, and other trauma-related conditions. Peer support professionals assist clients in developing recovery objectives, practicing self-empowerment tactics, and taking meaningful actions toward establishing fulfilling, self-determined lives – and do so by sharing their own experiences and practical counsel. A peer support professional is someone who works with individuals who are in recovery to foster connectedness and optimism. Your role is to interact with clients in an accepting, understanding, and validating way to facilitate their recovery.

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2 months

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Peer support professionals bring their knowledge of what it is like to live and thrive with mental health conditions and substance use disorders. They support people’s progress towards recovery and self-determined lives by sharing vital experiential information and actual examples of recovery power. The sense of mutuality created through thoughtful sharing of experience is influential in modeling recovery and offering hope.

Career Opportunities

Additional education and training career pathways include Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Addiction Counselor, Social Worker, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Day in the Life

Inspire hope that people can and do recover. Walk with people on their recovery journeys and dispel myths about what it means to have a mental health condition, substance use disorder, or other trauma. Provide self-help education and link people to tools and resources; and support people in identifying their goals, hopes, and dreams.

Job Outlook

The demand for Peer Support Specialists is growing, driven by California state legislation (SB-803 Beall) and the need for Medi-Cal service support recipients.

Disclaimer: Futuro Health reserves the right to change or update program requirements and qualifications at any time.