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Student Support

Student Support

Futuro Health was established to grow the largest network of credentialed allied healthcare workers. In California alone, the looming demand for these workers is approximately 500,000 by 2024, with an annual demand of 65,000+ workers.

This affordable, quality education solution invests in skills training and retraining for potential and current allied healthcare workers. Our goal is to graduate 10,000 new licensed and/or credentialed allied healthcare workers by 2024 to meet the growing need, and you could be one of them.

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Student Support Team

We at Futuro Health want to help support you as you make your way through your program of study. We have put together a support team that will be with you every step of the way. The first person on the team? You!

Futuro Health Student (You)
Futuro Health Navigator
Education Provider (School)

Futuro Health Student (You)

Be accountable. This is ultimately your education and career so take ownership, understand requirements, and engage with your student support team along the way. 

Be proactive. Keep your phone number and email address current on your Futuro Health Portal so your student support team can reach you. 

Be engaged. Regularly log into your Futuro Health Portal and your Education Provider Portal. Check your email and phone for important messages and updates.  

Be organized. Review the average class hours and study hours that will be required of you in your program and create a plan to be successful. 

Be prepared. Review in-person requirements (if applicable) for your program and make arrangements in advance to fulfill those. (For example, Externship/Clinicals/Labs.) 

Be resourceful. Reach out the moment you have questions or need help. Don’t wait until the last minute. 

To ensure commitment and completion, participants are required to pay a one-time $100 non-refundable registration fee and $20/month membership fee for the duration of the program.

Futuro Health Navigator

 Your Navigator will connect with you after you have been approved to participate in Futuro Health. 

Your Navigator will work with you through the next steps of enrolling in a program. 

Your Navigator will provide you with program information, contact information, and other resources key to your success. 

Your Navigator will be your point person as you prepare to start your program and will continue through at least the first six months of your program. 

Your Navigator will support your ongoing success, provide individualized coaching and goal setting, and work with you to celebrate wins and overcome obstacles. 

As an adult student, you’re juggling a lot outside of school. Your Navigator can provide support with time management strategies to ensure you have an effective plan to complete your program successfully.  

If you start to feel unusually stressed or overwhelmed, your Navigator can connect you with a crisis support specialist. Whether you’re struggling with food or housing insecurity, financial issues, anxiety, grief, personal safety concerns, or simply high stress due to the amount of responsibility you may have in your home life, please ask for help. You are not alone on this journey.

Education Provider (School)

Futuro Health is NOT the school or the entity providing the education. Participants who are accepted will be able to attend tuition-free thanks to Futuro Health scholarships. 

You will need to complete an application and enrollment process with your school, which is in addition to the process you complete at Futuro Health. Acceptance to Futuro Health does not guarantee you acceptance to the school. 

Your school will be your primary point-of-contact two-weeks prior your start date and throughout the duration of your program or course. 

Your school is the expert on the program curriculum and can answer questions specific to the job and the healthcare industry. 

Your school can answer questions about coursework, grades, submitting assignments, missed assignments, passing/failing, reasonable accommodations, missing class, tutoring support, etc. (For example: If you miss a class or want to ask for an extension on an assignment, you need to contact your instructor and/or other student support contacts at the school). 

Your school will award you a certificate (if applicable) upon success completion of the program. 

Your school is a great resource for job preparation and job placement. Programs that require externship/clinicals provide hands-on experience – your externship team could help you land a job and be a great resource in your future job search. 


You may have been referred by a current SEIU-UHW member when you applied for Futuro Health. 

If you are not an existing SEIU-UHW member, the monthly membership for education and training that you pay as part of your enrollment in Futuro Health registers you as a member of the Healthcare Justice division of SEIU-UHW (“associate member”). You will be contacted by an SEIU-UHW staff person to participate in a new member orientation. 

SEIU-UHW is a labor union of 100,000 healthcare workers who work across 185 hospitals and clinics throughout California. As part of your membership, you get priority enrollment in Futuro Health and a built-in network of healthcare professionals. 

SEIU-UHW members may be able to help you navigate the job market and be a great resource in your future job search. 


Futuro Health supports students throughout their educational journey, including through employment. Futuro Health has created an employer consortium that connects our graduates with employment opportunities. 

As you approach the end of your program, you may hear from Futuro Health about how to connect to employment opportunities. Be on the lookout for specific communications about your pathway to a great new career!