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With the ongoing shortage of health care workers, families across the country are struggling to access the home care their loved ones need. For people who care for relatives with chronic conditions, the problem is particularly acute.
Forty-four million Americans are struggling to earn enough to support their families. Even if they are working, many are underemployed and lack the postsecondary credentials or training to progress in their careers. What will it take to remove the barriers and help them succeed? It’s time to build a New Learning Ecosystem to help them learn and earn throughout their lives.
The New Learning Ecosystem provides working-age adults with opportunities to gain the training or education they need to advance or transition to new careers at multiple stages of their lives.
Making progress in our lives as adults is a challenge as we juggle multiple family and work responsibilities. Navigating a changing labor market and finding the best pathways between learning and work is daunting and nearly impossible.
Our current education and training system is already lagging and failing too many unemployed and underemployed Americans. We need better solutions for our most vulnerable citizens. Building a learning ecosystem that connect 44 million working-class Americans to good jobs and careers is the fundamental challenge our country faces as we prepare for the future of work. In this report, Strada Institute for the Future of Work and Entangled Solutions examine the opportunities to scale innovative on-ramps.