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Emotional stress is causing more students to leave college and keeping others from enrolling, at a time when people need post-high school education more than ever—and the country desperately needs their talent.
Less than half of schools in the state employ a therapist. In Cherokee County, the district is turning to private providers to fill gaps
Best Buy is partnering with a large U.S. healthcare system to develop “new hospital at home offerings,” pushing deeper into developing new healthcare services and products.
The County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California (CBHDA) is developing a 10year strategic plan for strengthening the county behavioral health safety net workforce, which encompasses personnel who work for county agencies and the community-based organizations (CBOs) with which they contract, to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving safety net delivery system and the people it serves. This report presents major findings and conclusions from a needs assessment that was conducted to inform the development of the strategic plan.
For individuals, agility fuels career growth and relevance. For organizations, agility equals the ability to survive and thrive even amid economic headwinds.
Work-based learning for higher education courses describes courses that bring together higher education providers and work organisations to create learning opportunities. This Theme needs to be considered in conjunction with other regulatory requirements including providers’ academic regulations, funding body requirements and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies’ (PSRB) rules and regulations.
New America and Bloomberg today released the findings from a yearlong report produced by Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers and Technology, formed by both organizations one year ago to study the future of work in America
A rise in union activity also may persist as the sector continues recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The ‘Apprentices by State’ interactive map provides key statistics on Registered Apprentices. Data is reported by government fiscal year (FY) which takes place from October 1 through September 30 of a particular year.
One Mind PsyberGuide is a non-profit project that aims to help people to use technology to live a mentally healthier life.
The Business-Higher Education Forum’s (BHEF) inaugural State of Skills report results from a decade of labor market analysis that identified emerging digital skills and credential development in response to that demand. This report marks a shift in focus to the most high-demand disruptive skills—those that will have the most disruptive impact on organizations’ operations and workforce.
Nearly one in five Californians faces an unmet mental health need. To make progress in addressing these needs — and to prevent them — the state must promote mental health and well being in the settings where Californians live, learn, work, and play.
Although the nursing shortage has dominated news headlines, the worker shortage and lack of diversity among candidates is being felt across all areas of health care, driving disparities in access to care.
The lack of workers risks worsening inflation, which could trigger a recession.
Men ages 35 to 44 are staging a lackluster rebound from pandemic job loss, despite a strong economy.
LGBTQ youth report suicidal ideation 30% more often than peers; students of color access school counselors, therapists 7-10% less than white peers
Over half of healthcare facilities have increased pay rates and hired temporary staff to address allied healthcare professional shortages, a survey found.
This summer, Massachusetts General Hospital had a staggering 880 people on its wait list for psychiatric services. The list had grown so large that the hospital issued an unusual plea to its physicians: Stop referring psychiatry patients for non-urgent care.