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Frequently Asked Questions


Futuro Health’s nonprofit mission is to improve the health and wealth of communities by growing the largest network of allied healthcare workers. We make education journeys into careers in healthcare possible by growing talent for employers and connecting workers to opportunity.

Visit the Futuro Health training catalog for a current list of programs and course offerings. Please note that these offerings are subject to change as seats fill up and as demand shifts.

There are locations all around the state of California for our various programs. We also offer courses that are entirely online. Detailed information relating to location options can be found in the Getting Started Guides for each program, available on the Student Resources page.

The applications for all current course offerings can be found in the Course Catalog. Please select the program that best suits your talents. Hit the “Apply” button. You will be prompted to create a Futuro Health profile. Once you complete all the required assessments and surveys, your application will be reviewed by our team. You will receive an email from Futuro Health within 24 hours after the successful completion of your application stating if you have been approved for the program. There is no cost to apply to a Futuro Health program. Students will not be asked to make a payment toward their program until they have chosen a start date and are ready to begin.

Profile information such as your name, address, and phone number can be updated in the Futuro Health portal. Please login to your Student Portal, select the “My profile” icon in the upper right-hand corner, and click on “Update Profile Information.”

There are two ways to update your email address in the Futuro Health portal. Begin by selecting the “My profile” icon in the upper right-hand corner. On this page you can select “Verify E-mail” or “Update Profile Information.” On each page you will see an option to update your email address. Once you have entered your desired email you will select “Update E-mail Address.” Updating E-mail Address, step-by-step guide: Watch Video

Candidates can view and update their survey responses by selecting the “Surveys & Assessments” option once they log on to the portal home page. If you notice that something was incorrect on your survey responses, you are allowed to update your survey responses, if necessary. Futuro Health encourages students to select the responses that truly depict their current skill level and background on the first attempt. However, we understand that circumstances may change calling for the survey(s) to be updated. For more details, view the Updating Survey Responses Step-by-Step Guide: Watch Video.

In support of our aim to grow the largest network of healthcare workers, Futuro Health provides generous financial support. Students will not pay tuition for programs as all such expenses are covered by some combination of Futuro Scholarship funding and federal need-based financial aid. Futuro Health requires all eligible students to complete and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid))

Non-refundable program registration $100 fee.

Non-refundable Human Touch Healthcare registration $50 fee (if prerequisite is required by your chosen program).

You have the option to join SEIU-UHW’s Healthcare Justice Division to receive additional benefits for $20 per month.

A financial aid application may be required for select education providers prior to beginning the program. Some Ed Providers will also require students to utilize Pell Grant Funding.

Each Ed-Provider has program-specific costs. There may be minimal additional costs based on your geo-located school, such as: background check, drug screen, and immunization costs.

After selecting a start date with a navigator, payments can be found on the Student Portal. Payments are live 24-48 hours after selecting a program start date, and you will receive an email alerting you that a payment is available. Watch a self-help video on how to make your payments here.

After I complete my course (pass, fail, or withdrawal), how long do I have to wait until I can apply to take another course?
Students may apply for additional program funding no sooner than 3 years after the original program start date of the course or program they already successfully completed. Students may receive additional funding sooner than 3 years if applying to upskilling courses in their completed program or if they qualify for a return or retake based on the retake policy. Students can view the Academic Policy here.

The Human Touch Healthcare program is a self-paced (asynchronous) and instructor-led (synchronous) immersive training course that provides learners with the essential interpersonal skills to become an excellent allied health care professional. Through this course, participants will participate in interactive learning sessions, web-based content, videos demonstrations, journaling, assessments, and cohort-based live instruction that ensures transformative learning of each competency. The course includes the following competencies: (1) Empathy & Compassion in Healthcare, (2) Cultural Competence, (3) Effective Communication, (4) Emotional Intelligence, (5) Teamwork & Collaboration, and (6) Ethics & Integrity. Upon completion of each module, students will perform learning assessments and earn digital badges demonstrating mastery of each competency.

Digital badges will be awarded for each of the six competencies with an end-of course digital badge for program completion.