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You’re not alone.


The Society of Human Resources Management expects labor shortages to persist for many years to come. If your organization is facing challenges in finding and retaining the right talent despite your current efforts, turn to Futuro Health for effective and established solutions based on best practices.

You are not alone.  Let us help by contacting  Read more below.

The World Health Organization convening in Geneva invited Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan to share workforce best practices, joining ministers from countries including Brazil, Zimbabwe, Niger, and India in addressing the global shortage of health and care workers.


Ethnically Diverse
Average Age
Futuro Health Scholar Demographics

Look to Futuro Health to produce a reliable, quality and diverse talent pool whether your organization requires hundreds or thousands of allied healthcare workers

Futuro Health Scholars are empowered with interpersonal and technical skills during their education journeys with us.  All Scholars participate in specialized coursework known as Human Touch Healthcare™, which focuses on developing essential interpersonal skills. You can find more information about this program here. Additionally, they receive technical education from a curated selection of programs approved by Futuro Health’s team of experts in curriculum development.

In an era where virtual and digital health options are becoming increasingly significant, healthcare staff will need to thrive in a digital/hybrid environment. Rest assured, every Futuro Health Scholar has demonstrated their competence in this aspect, making them highly desirable for the future of care.

It is worth highlighting that over 5,000 Futuro Health Scholars have successfully completed transformative education journeys without incurring any student debt since the launch of our nonprofit organization in 2020. This achievement is made possible through generous scholarships provided by employers and other funders.

It is remarkable that Futuro Health has accomplished these outcomes during a time when college enrollment across the country is declining. This underscores our commitment to delivering on results and addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


Futuro Health’s workforce solutions are built for scale. Trade associations, regional collaborations, employer consortium partner with Futuro Health to build a shared strategy to address their collective workforce challenge.
Van Ton
Invited by employer leaders, Futuro Health’s CEO delivers the keynote of Connecticut’s Workforce Summit.

We uniquely combine our data and technology platform, enrollment portal, healthcare curriculum savvy, education provider ecosystem, success coaches, and signature Human Touch Healthcare™ onboarding coursework to deliver on your strategy.


To access a reliable, quality, and diverse talent pool that meets your specific needs, consider offering externships and jobs to Futuro Health Scholars. Start the process today by reaching out to us at

Futuro Health’s workforce solutions are designed to scale efficiently. We leverage a unique combination of our data and technology platform, enrollment portal, healthcare curriculum expertise, education provider ecosystem, dedicated success coaches, and our signature Human Touch Healthcare™ coursework to effectively address your talent acquisition and retention challenges. Contact us at

Futuro Health Scholars are equipped with both essential interpersonal and technical skills during their education journeys with us. With a remarkable 90% ethnic diversity and over 50% linguistic diversity, our Scholars bring cultural competence and lived experiences, which are crucial for improving health outcomes and promoting equity. Furthermore, as the deployment of digital health and virtual care becomes increasingly important, rest assured that all Futuro Health Scholars have demonstrated their ability to thrive in a digital/hybrid environment.

Partner with Futuro Health today and tap into a talent pool that not only possesses the necessary skills but also brings valuable diversity and adaptability to your organization.

We also have a ready collaborator in AlliedUP to assist you with staffing and recruitment should you need to hire right away.  Contact us for a referral and remember to request from AlliedUP that the “first source” for your temporary and permanent positions be Futuro Health Scholars.


Futuro Health’s workforce solutions are built for scale. Government agencies and community organizations can leverage Futuro Health’s workforce solutions to meet their healthcare workforce challenge and connect communities to good jobs in the field of care.

We know how to work with education providers, employers, labor and community organizations. Contact to get started.

california workforce development board


Texas workforce
Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan delivered the Texas Workforce Commission Forum keynote. Pictured with Commissioner Aaron Demerson.


Futuro Health’s nonprofit mission is to improve the health and wealth of communities by growing the largest network of allied healthcare workers. We make education journeys into careers in healthcare possible by growing talent for employers and connecting workers to opportunity.

As an employer, Futuro Health allows us to gain the confidence that our staff are gaining the knowledge needed to connect with our patients at the levels that they need to maintain professionalism and be informed. We seek to find employees that have the proper experience or the skill set acquired through their education. With my experience with Futuro Health, and the growth that I’ve seen in my staff, Futuro Health scholars would be something that I would specifically be looking for as an employer. Thanks to Futuro Health for making my team stronger.”

Zeke Montejano
Director of Operations, Equity Health

Equity Health

“I had been thinking of the pieces and parts of workforce development that would serve as helpful strategies to my hospital CEO members. So, when I heard Van Ton-Quinlivan talk about best practices and how Futuro Health put them into action, workforce development as a whole came together. I immediately asked Futuro Health to come speak to my CEOs.”​

Troy Clark
CEO, New Mexico Hospital Association


“Our convening brought together over 100 healthcare leaders to grapple with the healthcare workforce crisis, and Futuro Health’s CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan keynote got their minds racing – offering practical possibilities and solutions to solve their workforce challenge. Futuro Health showed how best practices combine to get workforce solutions built on collaboration instead of competition.”​

Evan Stults
Chief of Staff, Comagine Health


“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Futuro Health to create diverse talent pipelines of Pharmacy Technicians across our enterprise while giving Scholars an opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of career pathways within pharmacy and healthcare. We look forward to expanding beyond pharmacy careers in the future.”

Melanie Kramer
Senior Manager, CVS Workforce Initiatives

CVS Health

“This unique, collaborative endeavor shows how we can provide patients with high-quality care while helping to move students toward fulfilling, in-demand career.”

Tom Hanenburg
Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente Hospital System Operations

kaiser permanente

“We are exploring new areas of mobility research and are interested in the intersections with future healthcare. We enjoyed our collaboration with Futuro Health. They brought forth the healthcare context of what was happening in the United States — especially the shift of care into the home and the inequities realized during the pandemic. This got us to think of alternative uses for vehicles in the provision of care.”

Takashi Fukushige
Research Engineer and Manager, Research Planning Department, Nissan Motor Corporation

Nissan Motor Corporation

“Telehealth allows health centers to expand and enhance access to critically needed services for California’s most vulnerable. We are excited to partner with Futuro Health in expanding and improving telehealth in California.”

Louise McCarthy
President and CEO, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County


“Futuro Health has been a strategic partner. Through their program, medical assistant participants can enjoy a quick road to graduation, work as a team, grow into a career that will benefit them as individuals but also support the community where they live, work and play and will gain incredible satisfaction comforting patients, and working in a specialized role.”

Rachel Rios
Executive Director, La Familia Counseling Center

La Familia Counseling Center

“Telehealth patient care is here to stay even when the pandemic recedes. We appreciate the training resources being brought to our organization by Futuro Health for the future of care.”
Jane Garcia
CEO of La Clínica de La Raza, Inc., a community clinic in Oakland

La Clinica de laraza

“Taking a course like this, you walk away with such a wealth of knowledge. It was so well done.”

Wendy B.
Lead Coordinator, Chapa-De Indian Health

Chapa De Logo

“We are pleased to bring equity into healthcare through Futuro Health and to be able to offer local communities the opportunity to train for in-demand careers in healthcare. Futuro Health’s focus on training behavioral health care providers is especially important to Kaiser Permanente because of our 75-year mission to support total health, in mind, body and spirit.”

Janet Liang
Executive Vice President, Group President and Chief Operating Officer for Kaiser Permanente

kaiser permanente