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Lonnie M

Lonnie M.

Director, Experiential Learning

Lonnie offers scholars two decades of experience as a nurse, and having instructed in an Associate Degree in Nursing program with an outstanding 97% NCLEX pass rate, Lonnie possesses expertise in a variety of nursing domains, including Medical-Surgical, Psychiatric, Cardiac, Respiratory, Nutritional, Pharmacological, and Immunological. Lonnie is excited to offer her assistance to those seeking to gain knowledge in the gratifying field of healthcare and attain their full potential as healthcare professionals.

In her capacity as the Clinical Placement Coordinator, Lonnie is entrusted with a range of important responsibilities. These include overseeing various aspects of clinical placement operations and ensuring that all relevant regulations and requirements are upheld. As a professional in this field, Lonnie is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, and she takes pride in her ability to manage complex logistical processes with efficiency and precision. Overall, Lonnie is committed to contributing to the success and growth of the organization through her expertise and experience as a Clinical Placement Coordinator.