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Lucy M

Lucy M.

Communications Coordinator

Lucy is a recent college graduate who is excited to become a part of Futuro Health’s mission of working towards the health and wealth of the communities that they serve. Lucy prioritizes compassionate and responsive communication, and seeks to demonstrate how sensitivity and strategy can work together to maintain and develop communication between organizations and the communities that they work with.

In their previous work as a social media manager for Theta Omaha, a woman-owned and operated small business in Omaha, Nebraska, Lucy curated unique and brand-specific social media posts that enhanced Theta’s brand and social media presence. Through a method of careful observation and analysis of online engagement and interaction, as well as responsive communication through social media channels and with Theta’s owner to ensure cohesive, accurate, and engaging content for the business, Lucy developed valuable communication skills and a deeper understanding of the important of media channels in running an organization.

Lucy has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and creative writing from the University of Oregon, and applies the skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, and creativity to everything that they do. Lucy is strategic, responsive, compassionate, engaged, and focused in the work that they do and the interactions that they have with each and every person.