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Vaccination Demands Reinforce Need for Futuro Health’s Allied Workers

As part of President Biden’s aggressive COVID-19 prevention plan, vaccination hubs are popping up in communities at accelerated rates. What was once reserved for pharmacies and clinical offices, vaccination centers are now making their way to convention centers and stadiums. With these larger vaccination hubs comes additional staffing requirements. No matter the size, vaccination locations require qualified healthcare workers to ensure efficient and safe immunization. But these workers aren’t always easy to come by. There is a national shortage of allied healthcare workers, particularly in California, and this shortage is slowing the country’s vaccine distribution. There is a looming demand for approximately 500,000 new allied healthcare workers by 2024 in California alone, with an annual need of 65,000+ workers.

This daunting gap is precisely why Futuro Health has made a commitment to graduate 10,000 new licensed and/or credentialed allied healthcare workers by 2024.

“Vaccination sites need trained healthcare workers.  We have seen how inequitable care can be distributed be and want to offset that by growing caregivers in every community,” said Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan. “That’s why we’re passionate about filling this pipeline as swiftly and skillfully as possible.”

Futuro Health’s work is particularly important given President Biden’s focus on ensuring marginalized and underserved communities have equitable vaccine access. Eighty-five percent of Futuro Health’s students are female, 87 percent of whom are diverse, and 34 percent of all students speak a language in addition to English. That means diverse students go on to improve health within their communities, generating greater provider-to-patient trust.

Futuro Health has partnered with several health care organizations in California to administer vaccinations, providing more than 250,000 doses so far. As we continue to fight COVID-19 and recover from the crisis, community health organizations can rely on Futuro Health graduates to supply qualified, diverse workers.

Employers can utilize a few different Futuro Health resources to access skilled allied workers.

AlliedUP, Futuro Health’s healthcare staffing co-op, focuses solely on staffing for allied healthcare roles. Thousands of trained part-time and temporary workers are available for hire in a variety of positions.

Recruiting from Futuro Health gives health organizations the power to directly access a talent pool that has been distinctly educated and trained for today’s skill sets.

Futuro Health Employer Consortium addresses company struggles in hiring, retention, and day-one ready candidates by creating a hub of like-minded companies to actively prepare the next generation of workers based on the in-demand skills.

For more information on how employers can partner with Futuro Health, click here.

For more information on staffing your vaccination sites with allied healthcare workers, click here.



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