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Student Profile: Ranika P.

Ranika has always had a talent for IT. After getting her associates degree in Eugene, Oregon, she worked as a computer specialist. But then when she had kids, she left the field to become a fulltime mom.

Now, her kids are in middle school. They are more independent, and don’t need quite as much supervision. And, in the wake of the pandemic, they’ve finally started going to school in person again. So Ranika thought it was time to resume her own education and get back into the workforce.

Having worked in IT before, she didn’t need a full, two-year or four-year course. Just a refresher. A friend recommended she try Futuro Health, and signed up for their Health IT Specialist program.

Ranika liked the flexibility of an online program. It worked with her schedule and allowed her to get an education while still being a mom to her kids. The program was also self-guided, which allowed her to work on her own, and at her own pace. But that doesn’t mean she was left all alone.

“If I need help, I could reach out,” says Ranika. “Send an e-mail or call, and they [Futuro Health navigators] were just there to help.”

The price was also right. Even at local community colleges, the cost of education can be prohibitive, but Futuro Health had just a small registration fee, making it easy for Ranika to enroll.

Ranika loved all her classes and studied seven hours a day. She started in January of 2021, and by June, she had completed the course. Having gotten the refresher she was looking for, she now plans to pursue another course, in A++, and study more of programming, hardware, and anything else she can in computer science.

Ranika’s next goal is to find a position in healthcare IT, putting her education to good use and where she can get hands-on experience. In time, she may even rise to an executive position; she knows she would make a great leader in the computer science field.

To anyone else thinking of pursuing a career in IT, Ranika has this to say: “Just get out there and learn. Even if it’s online. Or grab a book. Just get out there and learn.”

She tells her kids that a four-year degree isn’t the only path to success. All you need to do is go where your passion is.

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About the Futuro Health IT Specialist Program

Futuro Health is committed to making learning easy and affordable for anyone who wants to work in the healthcare industry. The field of healthcare is growing rapidly, with over half a million job openings expected just in California. Futuro Health provides training programs specifically for the areas that employers are looking to hire in.

Futuro’s Health IT Specialist Program is a six-month, self-directed, online course for entry level positions in the health IT field. The program trains students to understand IT as it relates to healthcare, and the specific types of healthcare professionals that they’ll need to support.

In the wake of the pandemic, and in recognition of its impact on the community, all tuition fees are waived for 2021. Students pay only a registration fee.

To learn more about Futuro Health and the Futuro Health IT Specialist Program, visit