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Spotlight on Success

All month, in honor of National Women’s History month, we have asked our followers to share a story of a woman who has made an impact on their life.  Here are just a few of the response amazing responses we received! *

"A woman who is important to me and inspired me is my mother-in-law. At the age of 16 she was a teen mom and had three jobs all while still being a mother. It's so impressive to me how a person could do that and the only thing that kept her going was her kids. She immigrated from Puebla, Mexico in 1992, and she's been working hard for her kids ever since. She is such a great woman who deserves the world and more."
- Griselda R.
"My mother is one woman who IMPACTED me in so many ways. My mother had an arranged marriage when she was only 17 years old. She was born in raised in Cambodia. During the time she was 19 years old. The Vietnam War started, and the genocide started in Cambodia. Unknowingly, she and my father had to evacuate her village to escape from being killed. Sadly, she was captured with my father and forced into a Labor Camp. She sadly witnessed many people killed. Luckily for her, two weeks before she and my father were scheduled to be killed, they were able to escape. As the bomb was dropping, her eyesight was damaged. So now, even at 68 years old, she operates her life with distorted sights. We took her to the doctor, they said, there’s nothing to be done."
- Anonymous
"The resiliency my mother has shown and overcame gives me great hope and determination to keep pushing. Also, to not give up so easily. Even at her worst time as a child and probably the PTSD she faced she still kept going, smiling, laughing, and even raised all nine of us kids. She is a woman who I admire, I am honored to be her child."
- Sopy C.
"My aunt, Kim, has made a huge impact in my life since the day I was born. She brightens the room and has such a huge heart. She is always willing to help people. Growing up I didn’t have stable parents, so my aunt was always there for me no matter what. She is the reason why I want to succeed in life and push hard for me and my little family. I’ll cherish her forever. She’s a hard worker, dedicated, strong woman and one day I hope I can be just like her."
- Serina C.
"The most important woman in my life would be my mother, Guadalupe. My mother has struggled throughout her lifetime to support her children. My mother has always worked to have food on the table and clothes on our bodies. My mother has made it all by herself, since my father was not present. My mother has done an amazing job."
- Gloria G.
"The women who have made a real impact in my life would be my late grandmother, or as I knew her as “Nana boo” and my mother. My nana always made sure that I understood the value of family and to always be true to myself. She told me to never apologize for anything that I do in my life and make sure to take each lesson as a blessing and learn from that. My mother is also a very important woman in my life. Her resilience, kind nature and truth telling ways have shaped me into the woman I am now. My mom has overcome some of the most difficult times in her life with one thing in mind always. To always be her authentic self and live life on her own terms. Seeing her live this way inspired not only me but others around her as well to know that even though we get caught up with life, to always live it to the fullest."
- Alisha G.
"My grandma, who passed away this winter. She was 93 overcame cancer and chemo every day at 85. She came to America in the 60s with five children in tow while her husband ran the track circuit for the Olympic track team. She then started an Asian import store to share her culture. She respected and made deep friendships. Created a huge, loving family. She also took classes at 90 so that she could lead a Bible study for other widows. She was an amazing woman."
- Josh M.
"As a woman, women take on a big role in many things, such as being a mother, sister, or sibling. We take very important things in life, and even if there’s something stressful in life, we always manage to do it and be strong. Someone who inspires me in so many ways would be my mother. My mother is a very funny, positive, and caring person because she showed me how to do many things for myself, such as cooking, sewing, and making traditional things. Not only for myself, but also to learn how to assist others. I learned so much from her that it enabled me to be self-sufficient and focus solely on helping others. She’s the best person, and I really love her."
- Brianna F.
"The most important woman who I always looked up to and as well help raised me was my grandma. She was the glue to our family. Always put her family first no matter what the situation was. She taught from what is right and what is wrong. She showed me how to cook, clean, and to care for others. If my grandma never got sick, I feel she would have still been here and unfortunately our family would have been closer than what it is. What she taught me will always stick with me from all of our traditions and pass on to my daughters and hopefully to their kids someday."
- Anonymous
"Myself and my daughter. I’ll been a single mom for the last 12 years raising an amazing young woman now. My daughter’s name is Mariana; a strong intelligent and great support for myself to work and educated myself, as a single mother she supported me to keep pushing to be and be better in life."
- Mariana B.
"My mother arrived to the USA at age 18 and still struggles to speak, write and communicate in English. Growing up, in elementary school, my sister and I attended a bilingual school of English and Spanish. Until we had to move districts to a full English school. I found this transitioning process difficult for me because at my previous school I only learned Spanish. My mother encouraged me to continue and never to give up. Later in middle school I noticed that having Spanish knowledge benefited me in many ways. The first was to speak to my elders. Second, I was able to be my parents’ translator. Third, make my school time for becoming a medical assistant easier. And, finally, be able to have a job like Kaiser Permanente that praise their employees with an incentive for being bilingual. I would have not been able to do this without my mother’s support and drive. I am grateful for my mother for educating me to be the independent individual I am now. Thank you, mom!"
- Dulce PC
"To the young woman staring at those white apartment walls which have been tinged with toxic multi-generational must: Keep aspiring for your life beyond that window. The Social Determinants of Health are part of your fight but do not forget that YOU ARE IMPORTANT. ~ future you."
- Alicia J.

*Responses have been edited for grammar and clarity.



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