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Allie L

Allie L.

Success Coach

Allie is a recent graduate from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in science of Family and Human Development. She has a minor in Sociology and Communications learning how to uplift emotions, advocate for people, and strategize problems. A cheerleader at heart, she is passionate about serving others, finds joy in their achievements and will exhaustively apply all resources on the road to accomplishment. Allie has 5 years in hospitality, advocating for women and creating warm environments. Her courses in family cultural diversity, disability advocacy, and the impacts on health allow her to understand the many faces of adversity and the complex life issues that warrant complex solutions. With 5 years’ experience in crisis intervention, she commits to coaching with empathy; empowering a positive mind in attainment of creating a successful work, life, school balance. “As a dedicated single mother, in school full time, while also working full time, I understand how the balance of those life sustaining stems are fragile and difficult to keep. Coaching to success is always looking for ways to better yourself so that you can better your learners”