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why recruit with futuro health

We’ve done the work to build a day-one ready allied health talent pool for you. Future-proof your healthcare workforce.

Our Diverse Talent Pool is Ready to Serve

Futuro Health is a public-private collaborative partnership that has built a new education-to-work model where employers, scholars, and communities all benefit. Our team combines extensive real-world experience in healthcare, workforce development, higher education, and data science, so we deliver a quality, diverse, and reliable talent pool.


We believe that diversity brings strength. And our diverse scholars go on to improve health within their communities, generating greater provider-to-patient.

We Meet Employer Needs

Futuro Health trains scholars with employer needs at the forefront.

  • Are you wanting relevant skills and credentials in your hires? Large hospitals to public health centers and C-suite leaders validated our education and training catalog to ensure scholars gain credentials relevant to industry needs.  We always pay attention to scholars technical as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Do you seek to improve retention?  Preparation and confidence lead to retention. While our scholars earn their credential, we pair them with mentors in healthcare so that the graduates you hire are familiar with the work environment and the patients they will serve.
  • Would you like workers from your neighborhood? We can geolocate scholars to match your needs. We also know their bilingualism and lived experiences, which serves to improve how we build the culturally competent talent pool you need to deliver better health outcomes.
  • Want to try out our students before they graduate? Sponsor externships and clinical rotations for a low-risk way to determine whether scholars are a good fit for your organization. Contact, and we will connect you to education providers in our Partner Ecosystems nearest to you.


Our graduates come to you without student debt because Futuro Health generously underwrote the cost of their tuition in 2020 and 2021, thanks to contributions from Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-UHW.


“Kaiser Permanente recognizes California’s health care industry is facing a projected workforce shortage of half a million people over the next few years. By investing in health education, skills training and retraining programs with Futuro Health, Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with SEIU-UHW, is leading efforts to reverse the shortage trend.”
Greg Adams
Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente
“Telehealth patient care is here to stay even when the pandemic recedes. We appreciate the training resources being brought to our organization by Futuro Health for the future of care.”
Jane Garcia
CEO of La Clínica de La Raza, Inc., a community clinic in Oakland
“Community health centers provide comprehensive, quality health care to one in six Californians. Telehealth allows health centers to expand and enhance access to critically needed services for California’s most vulnerable. We are excited to partner with Futuro Health in expanding and improving telehealth in California.”
Louise McCarthy
President and CEO of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
“We are pleased to bring equity into healthcare through Futuro Health and to be able to offer local communities the opportunity to train for in-demand careers in healthcare. Futuro Health’s focus on training behavioral health care providers is especially important to Kaiser Permanente because of our 75-year mission to support total health, in mind, body and spirit.”
Janet Liang
Executive Vice President, Group President and Chief Operating Officer for Kaiser Permanente
"We are thrilled to have a strong partner like Futuro Health because through their program, medical assistant participants can enjoy a quick road to graduation, work as a team, grow into a career that will benefit them as individuals but also support the community where they live, work and play and will gain incredible satisfaction comforting patients, and working in a specialized role. The medical assistant can start building their career very quickly!"
Rachel Rios
Executive Director, La Familia Counseling Center