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join our employer consortium

In order to address your struggles in hiring, retention, day-one ready candidates, diversity, and staying current with changing skillsets, join the Futuro Health Employer Consortium. The Employer Consortium is a coalition of employers like yourself who want:
  • an easier way to have reliable access to workers with the right technical and interpersonal skills
  • delivering better patient care and health outcomes
  • by a workforce reflective of the communities you serve.
Don’t worry. You don’t need to solve your talent needs alone. The charter of the Futuro Health Employer Consortium is to engage providers, insurers, health centers, medical offices, staffing agencies, and other employers of healthcare workers to expand the quality, diversity, and skills of the allied health workforce necessary for delivering on improved health outcomes for all. Why Join: Employer Consortium members commit to participating in one or more of the following activities:
  • Inform how Futuro Health invests its funds in training and education to meet your needs and that of other employers.
  • Advise curriculum being offered by Futuro Health’s education partners.
  • Validate innovations in Futuro Health’s approach for improving day-one readiness of Futuro Health graduates, and strategies to improve their retention when with you.
  • Participate in sub-group(s) to deep dive into bottleneck issues related to creating the workforce you need in behavioral health, health IT, and/or clinical roles.
Benefits of Membership:
  • Receive privileged access to a reliable pool of diverse and qualified applicants for your internship, clinical rotations, and job opportunities.
  • Access Futuro Health’s unique Human Touch Healthcare™ training focused on six essential interpersonal skills for healthcare workers.
  • Subscribe to Futuro Heath’s eConnection to stay up to date.
Contact Us: If you are interested in participating in the Futuro Health Employer Consortium, contact