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Student Profile: Philip C.

When Philip C. worked as a pharmacy technician, he noticed a trend. One-by-one, the tasks he had to do were being done away with and replaced with automation. As pieces of his training gradually became obsolete, he wondered, “What’s the best way to upscale myself?” He decided he wanted to become the one automating tasks, rather than the one losing tasks to automation.

This led Philip to a job at Kaiser Permanente as an automation specialist, where he worked with robots at a mail order pharmacy facility. However, his real goal was to pursue a career in data science, and so he began studying data analytics programs in order to grow his knowledge base.

Philip first studied on his own using Google searches and free YouTube tutorials. But soon he realized that real advancement required earning certifications. He used several online platforms for certifications in data science and machine learning, but the programs were slow and took a long time to master. Eventually, balancing them with his fulltime job at Kaiser proved to be too much.

Philip decided instead to concentrate on just one thing—something he could finish quickly, and in which he could earn a certification. A posting on Kaiser Permanente’s career website led him to Futuro Health. It was exactly what he was looking for.

“I just took the plunge,” says Philip.

Futuro Health’s self-guided courses gave him all the tools he needed to complete his certification and allowed him to work at his own pace. The program typically takes nine months. But with his prior knowledge and experience in the field of data science, Philip was able to complete it in just a month and a half.

Futuro’s program also gave Philip something that the other programs and tutorials he’d been through didn’t: practical applications. Rather than just spouting information, the program showed him how this knowledge relates to the real job he’s working towards. This helped give Philip a better, more focused vision of the future.

Philip is still in his position at Kaiser Permanente for the time being, but now that he has his certification in Healthcare Data Analytics, he has a clear career trajectory in mind. The sheer volume of data available on each patient allows for all sorts of changes in the way we look at patient care. Philip calls it “Bespoke Care” – tailoring treatment more fully to each individual patient’s health needs. This will in turn allow for more focus on actually preventing illness and disease before it happens, rather than simply treating it as it appears.

“A lot of things are coming up right now,” says Philip. “And I want to be part of that movement, in which we can help patients take better care of themselves.”

To anyone else looking to follow the same path, Philip advises: “Just go for it. Make sure you have the right environment to prepare yourself. And continue to have a growth mindset.”

He also cautions students not to overthink things. Trying to decide the right course of action can end up paralyzing you, so nothing ever gets done. But by taking advantage of the help that Futuro Health offers, Philip believes students can do far more than just earn a certificate. They can start on the path to becoming lifelong learners.

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