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Student Profile: Justice J.

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Interview Transcript

Before I started the MA program, I was working at Ippudo, which is a Japanese restaurant that primarily sold ramen noodles.

The thing that finally stopped me at that point was covid.  I mean a lot of people lost their jobs. I lost my job as well.

I got laid off.

One of the important things that really, you know, helped me kind of push forward was when my mom introduced me to the program.  Which was a medical assistant program.

This was from Futuro Health.

You know, when my mom did introduce me to it, I was a little standoffish.

I just kind of was just like, you know, it would be a good idea.

But hey I’m still going to school to become a nurse. Why would I sit here and do that?

But you know, she pushed it on to me.  She was telling me you know, you are better off doing this because you can come out with a job and you’ll be better off than what you’re doing right now, it will pay more.

And hey, if you get into Kaiser, you’re in there.

So, I decided to go ahead and do the program.

Honestly, the program did it’s best to give me everything that I basically needed, which I think was very beneficial.

Now that I’m at Kaiser and the pace is even faster, quicker

Transitioning from $21 an hour at that Ramen shop to almost $30 at Kaiser Permanente is such a huge jump.  Honestly, I mean, it’s a lot.

I can give money back home, back in Nigeria.  I can help my mom out with different bills.

Not only does that give me, you know, the financial stability for myself and my family, but it also gives me you know, the drive and push to really keep pushing for those higher wages.

If anyone was offered that program, I think they really should take it.  If they’re really dedicated and very passionate about the healthcare field, because I feel like Futuro Health would probably be the best bet for anyone honestly.