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Student Profile: Ama B.

Ama B. wanted a fresh start in a new career. Feeling disconnected from the pandemic, he turned to family and friends for what to do next. A friend employed at a local healthcare facility recommended allied health programs offered through Futuro Health, and Ama saw an opportunity to combine his knowledge of computers with the growing job market for healthcare workers.

“At first I was skeptical, but then I thought this was a great opportunity,” Ama explains.

In January 2022, Ama enrolled in Futuro Health’s online, tuition-free Health IT Specialist program, a self-directed, 6-month program that prepares students to be help desk analysts or end user computer support specialists. Coursework is created by John Hopkins University, IBM and Google, and graduates of the program receive a Google IT Support Specialist COMP TIA A+ Certification.

Starting a new program wasn’t without challenge for Ama, who struggled to remain motivated, especially when facing distractions and deadlines. To tackle the distractions, Ama found new places to study and leaned into organizing his schedule.

“It took me awhile to realize I had to change my environment,” Ama explains. “I can’t just wake up and hop on the computer.”

Ama says his Futuro Health Navigator also helped him remain focused and encouraged his success by reaching out with friendly check-ins and offering support when Ama felt overwhelmed.

“I was paired with a coach who really helped me,” Ama says. “The coach helped me realize this would be a suitable program to build more skills.”

Although Ama says the program is challenging, he appreciated learning the healthcare system as it relates to IT support. “This is a great opportunity to learn how healthcare and IT work together.”

After completing the program, Ama has his sight set on completing a bachelor’s degree in business, which he hopes will add to his knowledge of health IT. Ama credits Futuro Health with inspiring him to take this new direction.

“It feels gratifying to learn something new,” Ama says. “I feel accomplished and motivated to move forward.”

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