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Health IT Specialist Program

Health IT Specialist Program

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The Health IT Specialist program is provided by Coursera with content created by Johns Hopkins University and Google. It is a fully online program that prepares someone for either the Help Desk Analyst or the End User Computer Support Specialist.

More About This Program

Health IT Specialist Overview

This program is provided by Coursera with content created by Johns Hopkins University, IBM, and Google. It will provide the learner with the knowledge and skills relevant to the role of a Health IT Specialist, specifically in the roles of the Help Desk Analyst and End User Computer Support. The program will take 6 months to complete and once passed, the student with receive a Google IT support specialist certificate and enable your eligibility to take the Comp TIA A+ Certification.

Help Desk Analyst

Help Desk staff process electronic requests to resolve IT issues in a healthcare setting. Their job is to triage tickets and route them to the appropriate resource to be resolved. They need to be familiar with the ticketing system and the work queues of the IT teams. Having knowledge of common problems and which IT member may best be positioned to resolve these problems, is an important skill of a Help Desk Analyst.

End User Computer Support Specialist

The End User Computer Specialist supports the hardware and software tools for computer users throughout the healthcare system. This may include workstation equipment, operating systems, software applications, printers, peripheral devices, tablets, and mobile phones. There are also a number of devices such as clinical bar code readers, vital sign monitoring equipment, credit card readers, electronic signature devices, cameras, network devices, and other healthcare related equipment which people in this role need to be able to deploy, maintain, and repair.  

Fast Facts

Where Does a Health IT Specialist Work?

Health IT Specialists work in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, and in the home.

Program Length

6 months

Job Outlook

In California: Help Desk Analysts job openings: 1200-3600; End User entry level: 630-1200; End User Mid-level(Hardware and software fixes): 7560-10,000; End User Senior (Complex tickets, engineering solutions ) 630-1800

Health IT Specialist Certification

Once the course is passed, the student will receive Google IT Support certificate and will be eligible to take the Comp TIA A+ Certification exam.


Connect to a Bigger Community of Healthcare Workers

Futuro Health believes that investing in education, skills training, and retraining results in better paying jobs for workers,
better care for patients, and better workers for employers to hire.
The health care field provides many opportunities for people interested in helping others.
Whether you would like to work directly with patients or work behind the scenes,
there are many different entry level roles available and a lot of growth ahead.
Futuro Health wants to help you take your first (or next) step in the world of healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign and submit my Student Responsibility Agreement?

Watch a self help video here.

How do I make my payments?

Payments are generally live 24-48 hours after selecting a program start date.  You will receive an email alerting you that a payment is available.  Watch a self help video on how to make your payments here

Once receiving the Comp TIA A+ certification will this certification allow you to work in other countries behinds the USA (for example Canada and or the United Kingdom)?

Yes, CompTIA is an international vendor-neutral credential that validates skill and competency of professionals from entry-level to expert. This certification covers knowledge required for IT technical professional, risk analyst to deploy and support healthcare IT systems, cryptography, configuring and operating basic network infrastructure, and much more.

Over one million CompTIA A+ certificates have been awarded thus far, and CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ qualifications are recognized by employers worldwide.

Does the Health IT program consist of any Zoom instructional classes?

The Health IT Specialist program is offered through Coursera and will be completed via their online platform.

How many times can you take the Comp TIA A+ certification exam if you don’t pass the first time?

Futuro Health will only sponsor a candidate to take the Comp TIA A+ certification exam once. If the exam is failed on the first attempt the candidate will need to pay for the exam out of pocket if they wish to receive their certification.

What is the Comp TIA A+ certification exam?

The CompTIA A+ certification has been described as an “entry-level rite of passage for IT technicians,” and for a good reason. This certification is designed for folks seeking a career as a help desk, support, service center or networking technician. Once achieved, Comp TIA A+ certification mut be maintained as certification will expire every 3 years. Continuing education units will be required to recertify.


The certification exam is included in the Health IT Specialist program cost. Please review the Student Cost section of the Health IT Specialist catalog page for more information here.

How many hours a week will I need to study during the Health IT program?

Students will need to log on to the course weekly and the average study time is 3 hours per day.

Will I need a computer and internet access to take the Health IT program?

Yes, all students will need regular access to a computer and high-speed internet. Your computer will need at least a 2GHz processor or faster, 4 GB RAM or more, built-in or external speakers, USB 2.0 port or adaptor, a webcam supported operating system, Windows 7 or higher, or MacOS Sierra 10.12 or higher.

What are the certificate exam requirements for the Health IT Program?

Once the course is passed, the student will receive Google IT Support certificate and will be eligible to take the Comp TIA A+ Certification exam. 

The Comp- TIA A+ Google Certification consists of two exams. Exam 1 content is spread across 5 different domains and each domain is weighted differently. They include:

  1. Mobile Devices 14%
  2. Networking 20%
  3. Hardware 27%
  4. Virtualization and Cloud Computing 12%
  5. Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 27%

Exam 2 content) covers 4 different domains and each domain is also weighted differently. They include:

  1. Operating Systems 27%
  2. Security 24%
  3. Software Troubleshooting 26%
  4. Operational Procedures 23% 
Am I required to complete any courses prior to applying for the Health IT Program?

There are no courses that need to be completed prior to enrollment in the Program.

Are Health IT classes offered online or in-person?

The Health IT Specialist program is 100% online, asynchronous format with self-directed learning.

How long is the Health IT Program?

The length of the program is 5-7 months.

What are the preferred qualifications for the Health IT Specialist program?
  • Attention to detail, organized
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Experience setting up a home network
  • Experience installing computer hardware
  • Experience installing computer software
  • Experience helping people fix technology related issues
  • Experience with operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Linux
    • MAC OS
    • Android/iOS
  • Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply
  • Be referred by a member of SEIU-UHW who is in good standing (if you are not already a member of SEIU-UHW.
What are the minimum qualifications for the Health IT Specialist program?
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have the ability to work in the U.S.
  • Be a California resident
  • Have no felony conviction on record
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Be computer and internet proficient
  • Have home access to reliable high-speed internet
  • Have a working computer less than 7 years old
  • Be willing to commit 3 hours per day (estimated at 15 hours per week) of study time
What is the cost of the Health IT Specialist program to students?

The Cost of the program is $335 and is being waived for 2021.

Non-refundable registration fee: $100 per program

Monthly membership for education and training: $20/month

Note:  This membership is waived for SEIU-UHW members.

I have questions about a program or the enrollment process. Who do I contact?

If you have questions about a program or the enrollment process, please contact

When will I be able to take the Health IT Program?

The program will begin on 11/16/2020 with monthly start dates to follow.

What will I learn in the Health IT Program?

The learning outcomes for the Health IT specialist area as follows:

After completing the Health IT Specialist program, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the healthcare system as it related to IT support
  2. Describe the common roles played by IT support staff in healthcare
  3. Identify at least 5 different healthcare settings in with IT support staff work
  4. List the common tools and technologies used in healthcare delivery
  5. Identify the types of healthcare professionals you will be supporting
  6. Ensure timely issue resolution and escalations including the deployment, configuration, maintenance, and repair support for connectivity, access, application/service, operating system, and related hardware requests within established standards and guidelines
  7. Interact with numerous technology platforms and solutions in a diverse client environment
  8. Maintain logical and physical networks containing HPE, Dell, VMware, Meraki, and APC devices
  9. Provide support of Microsoft products that include AD account management, Office 365 products, Office Suite, and Microsoft Teams
  10. Analyze infrastructure monitoring alerts and takes corrective actions, as necessary
  11. Ensure that monitoring alert response and completion times are minimized
  12. Work with Client associated vendors to resolve technical issues with supported hardware and applications on Network Administration, Hardware Support, and Connectivity
  13. Implement established project plans within a team
  14. Deploy technology in a server room
  15. Determine technical solutions for business needs based on End User requests while onsite
  16. Support the hardware and software tools for end users in a healthcare system including workstation equipment, windows operating systems, software applications, printers, peripheral devices, tablets, mobile phones, clinical bar code readers, electronic signature devices, cameras, network devices
  17. Prepare IT individuals that will stand out in the Health IT application process
What are some career opportunities for a Health IT Specialist?

IT Help Desk Technician, Service Desk Agent

What is the role of SEIU-UHW?

Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW) is doing outreach to scout and recruit candidates for Futuro Health. In addition, as you progress through your educational journey, you may be matched for mentorship with a SEIU-UHW member — someone who is already employed in the allied health field and can help you navigate your career.  This is a unique benefit that sets Futuro Health apart and is intended to help you grown your professional network of employment opportunities. Learn More