Preparación de Inglés

No deje que sus habilidades idiomáticas le impidan estudiar una carrera en el sector salud. Hablar más de un idioma es una ventaja en el cuidado a comunidades diversas. Futuro Health ofrece cursos de Preparación de Inglés diseñados para prepararlo en una carrera del sector salud.

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Phlebotomy Training


The phlebotomist’s role is to collect blood samples by skin puncture and other specimens from stool and urine. The integrity of these samples is essential as their use for clinical laboratory testing, blood bank donations, or research.

Phlebotomist’s process and prepare blood and other body fluid specimens for on-site testing or transportation to another laboratory after collecting specimens.

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Patient Care Representative

Patient Care Representatives collaborate with healthcare professionals to improve care quality. The PCR will be able to organize care for patients from varied demographics while managing their physical and psychosocial requirements.

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Healthcare Data Analytics


The Healthcare Data Analytics program reflects the growing influence of data in the delivery of care and is based upon a professional certificate developed by Google. It is a fully online program that prepares someone for a variety of roles in healthcare, including Junior Data Analyst or Junior Business Intelligence Analyst.

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Health IT Specialist Program


The Health IT Specialist program is provided by Coursera with content created by Johns Hopkins University and Google. It is a fully online program that prepares someone for either the Help Desk Analyst or the End User Computer Support Specialist.

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Medical Assistant Program

ATTENTION: Apply now to reserve your 2022 Medical Assistant seat. Limited seats are also available in 2021, depending on geography.

Medical Assistant programs prepare you for jobs in demand right now and provide a stepping-stone to many allied healthcare careers.

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Behavior Health Micro-credential


This 15-week fully online course provides a comprehensive program of instruction, exploration, discussion and practice. While examining the practical, technical, and business aspects of telehealth, you will also explore the creative aspects of using technology to deliver health care.

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