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Student Profile: Adam C.

Adam had worked in IT for a long time but was unhappy with the direction of his current job and found out about a new program that would support people to earn certifications and advance in their careers.

“I was working a pretty undesirable shift,” says Adam. “I wanted something more stable, that would pay better. It was time for a change.”

His wife, meanwhile, found out about a new program for allied health certifications designed to help advance the careers of diverse workers and build a healthcare workforce. Which is what led Adam to Futuro Health.

Adam signed up Futuro Health’s online, tuition-free Healthcare IT Specialist Program—a program created by Google and IBM, in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University.

The IT material was a breeze. The healthcare aspect, however, was all new to him. But Adam enjoyed all of it, and ended up learning new things about both healthcare and information technology. He particularly enjoyed learning about cyber security, as well as Linux.

Adam admits that while, at times, the online program could be a bit isolating, it also provided a lot of benefits. “I liked the flexibility of being able to do everything at home,” he says.

Adam began the program in November of 2020 and spent an estimated 10 hours a week on studying. By April, he had earned his COMP TIA A+ Certification, from Google IT Support. Within a few months of graduating, he was recruited by AlliedUp, a remote startup for healthcare professionals. AlliedUp, a Futuro Health partner, is a worker- owned cooperative allied healthcare staffing company. Through offering above market pay and benefits, career ladders, leadership roles, and wealth-building through business ownership, AlliedUP offers an ecosystem of services that provide multi-generational economic security opportunities.

Adam finds his new job to be much more rewarding than his previous one, and he plans to stay there for a long time to come. “I feel like I’m helping to improve the lives of other people by doing the work that I’m doing,” Adam says.

To anyone else considering furthering their education through Futuro Health, Adam thinks it’s well worth the time and effort.

“Go for it! At least give it a try. What have you got to lose?”

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About the Futuro Health IT Specialist Program

Futuro Health is committed to making learning easy and affordable for anyone who wants to work in the healthcare industry. The field of healthcare is growing rapidly, with over half a million job openings expected just in California. Futuro Health provides training programs specifically for the areas that employers are looking to hire in.

Futuro’s Health IT Specialist Program is a six-month, self-directed, online course for entry level positions in the health IT field. The program trains students to understand IT as it relates to healthcare, and the specific types of healthcare professionals that they’ll need to support.

In the wake of the pandemic, and in recognition of its impact on the community, all tuition fees are waived for 2021. Students pay only a registration fee.

To learn more about Futuro Health and the Futuro Health IT Specialist Program, visit