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Futuro Health Partners with Public Institutions to Catalyze Innovation in Wyoming and Rural California.

In response to a multi-year period of declining enrollment, public higher education institutions have embraced initiatives such as free college programs, inviting those with “some college and no degree” to return, offering credits for prior learning for veterans and working adults through partnerships with employers and worker associations, and even basic income stipends for students. These initiatives have begun to bear fruit, with a 2.1 percent increase in overall undergraduate enrollment at public institutions this fall, with community colleges accounting for nearly 60 percent of this growth according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Research Center.  

One community college in California’s rural Central Valley region, Cerro Coso Community College, found that partnering with Futuro Health boosted enrollment and reinvigorated their healthcare career education program by reaching adults who might not otherwise consider attending community college. This public-private collaboration, which began in 2021, initiated with a feasibility study to ensure the data exchange necessary for seamless coordination between the community college team and Futuro Health’s Success Coaches, enabling effective monitoring of student progress through the program.   

Dr. Bonita Steele, Director of Programs & Program Development at Cerro Coso, highlights the partnership's benefits, emphasizing how it showcases the feasibility of collaborating with nonprofit entities to prepare students for successful careers. Futuro Health supplements Cerro Coso’s existing student services, aiding students in making informed career decisions and gaining industry insights. Aside from enhanced support, all students come to Cerro Coso’s medical assistant program having completed Futuro Health’s Human Touch Healthcare(tm) coursework.

The Cerro Coso team found working with Futuro Health to be a good cultural experience due to the organization’s extensive background in working within public institutions.

Futuro Health's Chief Learning Officer John Cordova notes that the partnership with Cerro Coso offers students accredited, transferable credits at a lower cost compared to other higher education options, making the public institution an ideal choice. “Futuro Health also sources externship opportunities, providing Cerro Coso students with practical experience that complements their learning and better positions them for employment in their field of study,” said Cordova.  

Since its inception in 2020, Futuro Health has empowered 8,415 individuals to become Futuro Health Scholars and embark on personalized educational journeys to attain in-demand healthcare credentials for rewarding careers in healthcare – at no cost other than a minimal registration fee thanks to hospital system funding.

Futuro Health's reach extends beyond California, with partnerships emerging in states like Wyoming. Recognizing the urgent need to bolster its mental and behavioral health workforce, Wyoming has joined forces with Futuro Health to develop a sustainable pipeline of adult learners to pursue mental and behavioral health careers.

Jen Davis, Senior Health and Human Services Policy Advisor with the Wyoming’s Governor Office, said that when they heard about Futuro Health at a National Governors Association meeting, they were immediately drawn to the work. Davis underscored Futuro Health's mission and innovative approach as critical in addressing Wyoming's workforce challenges. By collaborating with Futuro Health, Wyoming aims to leverage industry partnerships and strengthen the healthcare workforce pipeline, particularly in rural areas where workforce retention is a pressing concern. 

Davis said they want help defining and developing the pipeline from adult learner to trained healthcare professional.  While planning to start small, they want to build something sustainable in partnership with Futuro Health that will engage their university and community colleges to train individuals across the state with stackable credentials that can be recognized for credit towards the next level of degree. Additionally, Davis said that Futuro Health provides an important link to industry partnerships that will strengthen the workforce pipeline.

Futuro Health's partnerships with public institutions like Cerro Coso Community College and in states like Wyoming exemplify a paradigm shift in education, emphasizing collaborative efforts to spur innovation for meeting evolving workforce demands and empowering individuals with the skills needed for thriving healthcare careers.

Visit or contact us at if you have interest in collaborating. 

Futuro Health Scholar Spotlight

Tomas W.

Futuro Health Scholar
Sterile processing Technician Program

Tomas immigrated to the United States from Uganda in 2019 to pursue an education, support his family, and live a happier life. Unfortunately, after losing his job at an IT company, he found it difficult to stay afloat. 

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Meet our Futuro Health Scholar Support Team

The Futuro Health Scholar Support Team, including Success Coaches, Outreach Team Members and Facilitators, are dedicated to supporting our Scholars in their educational journey towards a fulfilling career in healthcare. We understand that each Scholar has unique needs and challenges, and we're here to provide personalized coaching and goal setting to help them succeed. We're committed to celebrating their achievements along the way and working together to overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

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WorkforceRx Podcast

David Jarrard, Chairman of Jarrard, Inc.

Episode #80: Keeping The Human Touch In The Age of Digital Communications

As almost any employer can tell you, today’s workers have high expectations for compensation, the quality of their work experience, and the level of work-life balance. Today’s WorkforceRx guest, David Jarrard, would add one key item to that list: they also expect to have a voice when organizations make important decisions. That means leaders have to engage with workers, not just communicate to them, and that requires creating opportunities for dialogue. “There's ways for ideas to be shared back and forth so that even if the ideas that are shared aren't the ones that are adopted, there was a sense of being heard, a sense of being listened to. We have found it to be extremely valuable to retention,” he tells Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan. One of the best approaches is for leaders to rely less on the ever-expanding array of digital communications tools and take the old school approach of walking the halls. “To build trust you've got to look somebody in the eye. You've got to shake their hand. You’ve got to have that moment of pause where you can actually listen and be in the presence of another person. It’s a fundamentally important investment right now.” Tune in for a wide array of other insights from a seasoned pro that more than 1,000 healthcare organizations across forty-five states have turned to for guidance on how to communicate with internal and external audiences about restructurings, workforce challenges and other high stakes issues.

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