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  • WorkforceRx Podcast: Renee DeSilva, CEO of The Health Management Academy:  How Health System Leaders Are Tackling Workforce Challenges

Expanding Horizons: Futuro Health’s Growing National Presence

Futuro Health's mission goes beyond just numbers; it is about transforming aspirations into careers in healthcare. Having touched the lives of thousands of individuals and their families since its launch, Futuro Health’s education programs have enabled diverse adult learners from all walks of life to transition successfully into healthcare careers – no matter their educational or job experience background.

Futuro Health frequently shares its healthcare workforce development expertise and best practices with leading national, state, and regional healthcare organizations across the country, including those in Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming, among others. Futuro Health will also take part in the upcoming NALEO 2024 conference, a national forum for Latino elected and appointed officials to engage in meaningful discussions and solutions for today's most pressing policy issues. (For additional insights into Futuro Health’s workforce development expertise, partnerships, and sharing of best practices, read their latest WorkforceRx blog.)

Thanks to the recent commitment of a major health system sponsor to fund 10,000 additional scholarships across multiple states, Futuro Health continues to extend its presence beyond California with the addition of the Healthcare Customer Service Paraprofessional program to its education and training offerings. Futuro Health’s on-the-ground partners are already conducting outreach in Washington, Virginia, Oregon, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, inviting untapped talent to become Futuro Health Scholars.

The Healthcare Customer Service Paraprofessional skillsets are essential to frontline roles that interact with patients. This education program addresses immediate industry needs and paves the way for telehealth as well as call center business and administrative roles with additional training.

"With this program, we are excited to place a spotlight on customer service competencies,” states John Cordova, Futuro Health Chief Learning Officer. “Look to us to not only offer this program but also bundle these competencies with other occupations to deepen the quality of care you can expect when hiring Futuro Health Scholars.”

Employers interested in Futuro Health's diverse talent pool for externship or employment opportunities can contact us at:

Futuro Health Scholar Spotlight

Chigoziri N.

Futuro Health Scholar
Patient Care Representative

Being from Nigeria, Chigoziri is acutely aware of the impact that shortages of allied health workers has on the capacity of hospitals to address the needs of their communities. Chigoziri’s passion for equitable, accessible, and representative healthcare deepened after his wife had their first child and did not feel adequately cared for. When he discovered Futuro Health’s Patient Care Representative Program, Chigoziri felt empowered to commit himself to the profound need for patient advocacy. 

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Carsyn P.

Futuro Health Scholar
Emergency Room Technician

Carsyn’s adventurous spirit and commitment to care pushed her to pursue a career in healthcare, which she finds personally exciting and fulfilling. After finding out about Futuro Health through a family friend, Carsyn was able to take the leap and begin the Emergency Room Technician Program. Having completed the 8 week program, Carsyn became Nationally Certified and is now actively working as an EMT.

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Our Latest Blog: Reshaping the Mental and Behavioral Health Workforce

By: Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO, Futuro Health

Mental Health Awareness Month arrives with a poignant reminder of the growing shortage of mental and behavioral health workers. This dearth not only affects the professionals themselves but casts a long shadow over patient care and community well-being.

I have spotlighted this critical issue in my past blogs, sharing strategies in behavioral health workforce development aimed at reducing stigma and enhancing access to mental health services. But too often these efforts face additional obstacles, particularly for behavioral health employers and workers in traditionally underserved, ethnically diverse, and rural communities.

A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study highlighted examples that in rural areas around the country, there is a shortage of licensed supervisors and internship positions needed to attract new workers. Additionally, behavioral health providers in rural communities often experience professional isolation, limited resources, and lengthy travel distances, exacerbating the need for more mental health workers, and making it challenging to deliver comprehensive care and support to patients in need.

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Programs Open for Enrollment, Scholarships Available...Please Share!

Medical Assistant


Pharmacy Technician

Sterile Processing Technician Program

Patient Care Technician

Emergency Room Technician

Healthcare Customer Service Paraprofessional

In-home and community-based caregiver program (CalGrows)

Foundations of Public Health Informatics and Technology

Patient Care Representative Program

Meet our Futuro Health Scholar Support Team

The Futuro Health Scholar Support Team, including Success Coaches, Outreach Team Members and Facilitators, are dedicated to supporting our Scholars in their educational journey towards a fulfilling career in healthcare. We understand that each Scholar has unique needs and challenges, and we're here to provide personalized coaching and goal setting to help them succeed. We're committed to celebrating their achievements along the way and working together to overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

WorkforceRx Podcast

Renee DeSilva, CEO of The Health Management Academy

Episode #83: How Health System Leaders Are Tackling Workforce Challenges

If you would love to know what’s on the minds of the leaders of the nation’s largest health systems as they tackle workforce challenges and a host of other issues, but don’t happen to have the time to talk to all 150 of them, then this episode of WorkforceRx is for you. The well-placed source supplying this intelligence is Renee DeSilva, CEO of The Health Management Academy which provides advice, research, knowledge sharing, and leadership development for hospitals and other healthcare companies. Although labor costs and labor shortages continue to vex healthcare leaders, DeSilva is encouraged by the energy and innovation she’s seeing around solutions such as upskilling current employees, leaning into skills-based hiring, and creating talent pipelines with local educators. “I'm seeing a lot of creativity and partnership energy around solving the workforce challenge structurally, and then also just making the folks that we do have more productive and creating more of a thriving environment around them,” she tells Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan. Leaders are also taking a fresh look at leveraging the knowledge and talents of nurse managers and giving them greater agency to implement solutions. As a student of leadership and a leader herself, DeSilva appreciates the front row seat she has watching members of the C-suite navigate a dizzying array problems. “It's really interesting to see how each of them leans into their unique gifts. I think that's where everyone has their power alley.” You’ll leave this conversation with a better sense of the paths being taken to the future of care and the tactics leaders are using to get there.

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About Futuro Health 

Futuro Health is a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wealth of communities by growing the largest network of healthcare workers in the nation.

Futuro Health makes education journeys into allied health careers possible by growing the talent that employers need and creating a path to opportunity that workers want.

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