This Month’s Highlights

eConnection August 2021

This Month’s Highlights

Van Ton-Quinlivan,
CEO Futuro Health

The Upward Swing of Upskilling:
Futuro Health’s Reskill & Upskill Programs Serve Critical Needs

When Larry Good’s wife, Rhonda, suffered septic shock from an E. coli infection and became a quadriplegic, the pair saw dozens of specialists, juggled a litany of medications, and struggled with significant communication gaps.

“There was no one to talk to in the medical community who would help us and advise us on what's the right thing to do next, and because I had to make some decisions without important input and context from medical professionals, we ended up making some really critical errors,” said Larry.

For people like Larry and Rhona, an advocate serving in the care coordinator role - also referred to as a patient navigator - can make all the difference. Futuro Health is working to meet the needs of families like the Goods with its Care Coordinator Program and other upskilling offerings, including an Advanced Telehealth Coordinator program and more.

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Futuro Health Keynotes Conference of Nation’s Healthcare Associations with Focus on Agility and Inclusion

Futuro Health Leads Healthcare Conference on Agility and Inclusion

The Association Forum welcomed Futuro Health at this year’s Summer Healthcare Collaborative - with an important distinction. Van Ton-Quinlivan, Futuro Health CEO, delivered the keynote address on agile and inclusive strategies to support the healthcare workforce, a crucial topic for today’s unsettled times.

“Van’s keynote and insights on key issues, like burnout, provided an excellent foundation for workforce needs both today and into the future,” said Laurie McGraw, Senior VP Health Solutions, American Medical Association.

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Beyond Bridges: Our Nation Needs a Human Infrastructure Upgrade

Beyond Bridges: Our Nation Needs a Human Infrastructure Upgrade

We know that building roads, bridges, and dams can transform a nation and bring jobs and stability to communities. The same will be true for investment in our nation’s most precious resources — our people.

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This October, Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan’s new book, WorkforceRx: Agile and Inclusive Strategies for Unsettled Times, will hit the shelves! Be the first to snag a copy of this highly anticipated book that covers agile and inclusive strategies for employers, educators, and workers and that features insights from our nation’s top higher education and workforce development experts.

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The book will be offered at a discount during its first 24 hours following release and all book profits will be donated to Futuro Health.

Early Reviews for the Book WorkforceRx

Futuro Health Graduate Hired by AlliedUP

Futuro Health students are earning high wage jobs right out of the gate, and Adam C. is living proof. The Futuro Health IT graduate recently joined AlliedUP Cooperative Inc. where he’s earning a great salary and putting his education to work. According to AlliedUP, Adam’s Futuro Health training gave AlliedUP peace of mind in his ability to tackle the expertise needed in his role.

“Futuro Health students bring an excellent education curated for the real world. Adam showed a passion for Futuro Health and it was clear he had taken full advantage of the program.”

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Workforce Rx Podcast with Rachael Stephens, National Governors Association

Episode #22: State Innovations to Meet Unique Labor Market Challenges

The nation’s governors have their hands full navigating an uneven economic recovery and turbulent labor market.  Fortunately, they can draw on the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices to help guide their decision making. “Governors are focused on getting people safely back to work and filling jobs that are open right now and looking for ways to get people quickly skilled up for new jobs if that's what they need. They're also looking at how they can build on existing efforts to develop career pathways that lead to good jobs in the longer term,” says Rachael Stephens, director of the Center’s Workforce Development and Economic Policy Program. 

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Other Recent WorkforceRx Podcasts

Episode #20 
“We've got 200 million Americans who are not benefiting from what we think of as the most important engine of growth in our economy – innovation,” says Chad Evans.

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Episode #18 
Finding qualified workers has become a chronic and deeply concerning struggle for U.S. employers, but as our guest sees it, this is a self-inflicted problem.

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Episode #16
As signs of economic recovery in the U.S. continue to build, some experts are predicting a “jobless recovery,” while others are more optimistic about job growth. Will hard hit sectors bounce back? What changes do we need in job training and education to spur a post-pandemic economy?

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Episode #14
What if there was something business owners could do to boost employee retention 65%, increase worker loyalty and perfectly align company and employee goals? Oh, and by the way, give people a sense of hope and increase their wealth at the same time?

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