Futuro Health Launches New Job Marketplace

eConnection June 2021

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Van Ton-Quinlivan,
CEO Futuro Health

Futuro Health Launches New Job Marketplace

Employers and Futuro Health are joining forces to facilitate student transition to work with the recent launch of the Futuro Health Job Marketplace. By connecting available employment opportunities, the Job Marketplace adds another tool that employers can use to solve their workforce challenges with diverse, credentialed candidates for their in-demand jobs.

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Programs Actively Taking Enrollment

Community Health Workers Gain Historic Recognition In Governor Newsom’s May Revise

An unprecedented investment proposed within Governor Gavin Newsom’s May Revise marks renewed appreciation for Community Health Workers (CHWs). Soon-to-be classified as a Medi-Cal covered service, CHWs will have greater access and opportunities to improve patient care in underserved communities. Anticipating the state and federal emphasis on equitable care, Futuro Health offers tuition-free scholarships for qualified adults seeking to become Community Health Workers with Behavioral Health Emphasis. Applicants welcome.

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Care Coordinators: Easing the Burden on America’s Emergency Rooms

When a lack of insurance meets a lack of healthcare providers, the result is overcrowded and underserviced emergency rooms. That has certainly been the case for disadvantaged communities, and the patients who rely on ERs for ongoing, non-emergency care. Futuro Health seeks to mitigate this issue by growing the number of Care Coordinators in the workforce to better serve at-risk communities. Current credentialed healthcare workers wishing to consider careers in Care Coordination should apply for tuition-free opportunities to gain new skills.

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Showcasing What Inclusive Recruiting Looks Like

There’s no better persons to scout future healthcare workers than current ones. Watch this video to understand how Futuro Health’s partner, SEIU-UHW, inclusively invites the community to consider allied health careers.

About Futuro Health’s Student Orientations

Workforce Rx Podcast with Byron Auguste, Founder and CEO of Opportunity@Work

Episode #18: Seeking Skilled Workers? Look to the STARs.

Finding qualified workers has become a chronic and deeply concerning struggle for U.S. employers, but as Byron Auguste, a PhD economist and former White House economic policy official, sees it, this is a self-inflicted problem. “When you exclude people who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you’re excluding almost 70 percent of African-Americans, 80 percent of Latino and Latina workers, and almost 80 percent of rural Americans of all races,” he says.  

That’s why the non-profit he co-founded and leads, Opportunity@Work, is asking employers to dip into the overlooked talent pool of the 70 million Americans who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs). “This is the golden age of new ways to learn new skills, and yet you have these very old, backward-looking bases for hiring. We need to have hiring to catch up to learning.”

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