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eConnection September 2023

  • In the News: Futuro Health’s Approach to Inclusive Economic Opportunity Spotlighted in The New York Times
  • Feature Story: Futuro Health CEO Named Chair of California Healthcare Workforce Education and Training Council
  • Futuro Health Scholar Spotlight: Ebonie C. and Hailey B.
  • Meet our Futuro Health Success Coaches
  • WorkforceRx Podcast: Carissa Moffat Miller, CEO of the Council of Chief State School Officers: Imagining a Modernized K-12 System

Futuro Health’s Approach to Inclusive Economic Opportunity Spotlighted in The New York Times

A newly released study by a group of academic and nonprofit researchers reveals the stark reality of occupational segregation's extent and lasting impact in the United States on Black workers, even as the number of Black college-educated workers has surged. New York Times Pulitzer-prize reporter Steve Lohr breaks down the new study in his latest article on the disparities that Black workers in middle-wage professions face when compared to their white counterparts. Futuro Health CEO, Van Ton-Quinlivan, is interviewed in the NY Times article about Futuro Health’s nonprofit model that has successfully brought thousands of ethnically- and linguistically-diverse adults back into education for jobs in allied health, including Justice J., a Futuro Health Scholar who overcame many personal adversities to become certified as a Medical Assistant through Futuro Health’s tuition free education journey into healthcare.

Read the New York Time’s Story Here

Futuro Health CEO Named Chair of California Healthcare Workforce Education and Training Council

The California Healthcare Workforce Education and Training Council has named Van Ton-Quinlivan, Futuro Health CEO, as its new Chair. Ton-Quinlivan is an appointee of Governor Gavin Newsom to the Council, which was established in legislation (Assembly Bill 133) to develop a health workforce that meets California’s health care needs. 

The Council is administered by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) with membership consisting of 18 appointees who represent various graduate medical education and training programs, health professions including but not limited to specialties for primary care and behavioral health, and consumer representatives.

"In her tenure as Vice Chair with the Council, Van provided consistent leadership and respected expertise to inform strategies for promoting health workforce opportunities for a wide range of communities. Her comprehensive understanding of workforce development as applied to healthcare shortages embodies the essence of the Council's leadership," said Elizabeth Landsberg, HCAI Director.

Read the press release here

Hailey B.

Futuro Health Scholar
Medical Assistant Program

Hailey always knew she had an instinct for helping people. As the oldest of five, she juggled the demanding responsibilities of high school while helping to raise her siblings. Hailey sees her program at Futuro Health as the first step towards getting her foot in the door with a nursing program. “I’ve always been driven to help others and want to see others succeed.”

Watch Her Story

Ebonie C.

Futuro Health Scholar
Patient Care Representative Program

Ebonie’s dream job is to be a wound care nurse. Having two parents who lived with amputations, Ebonie grew up learning first-hand the importance of comprehensive patient care. Caring for her mother’s wounds marked the start of Ebonie doing what she wanted to do: help people. Ebonie intends to find a career within this narrative that also affords her more time to spend with her four children. “It makes me feel good that I accomplished something I’ve been wanting to accomplish for a while now.”

Watch Her Story

Meet our Futuro Health Success Coaches

The Futuro Health Scholar Support Team, including Success Coaches, Outreach Team Members and Facilitators, are dedicated to supporting our Scholars in their educational journey towards a fulfilling career in healthcare. We understand that each Scholar has unique needs and challenges, and we're here to provide personalized coaching and goal setting to help them succeed. We're committed to celebrating their achievements along the way and working together to overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

Meet the entire Futuro Health Scholar Support Team here!

WorkforceRx Podcast

Carissa Moffat Miller, CEO of the Council of Chief State School Officers

Episode #63: Imagining a Modernized K-12 System

While there’s little that matches the excitement a new school year brings, it’s tempered somewhat this year by the need to continue recovering from the many disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning loss, declining enrollments and increases in behavioral problems are just a few of the issues that education leaders are grappling with. Our WorkforceRx guest, Carissa Moffat Miller, is in the thick of efforts to help school system leaders find potential solutions as CEO of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). “This disruption has created an opportunity for us to think about things differently, and for state chiefs to change the ecosystem of school,” she tells Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan. There are some new programmatic options to consider in doing that thanks to $190 billion in federal funding that allowed states to experiment with different approaches to tutoring, after school programs and digital learning, among other initiatives. One of CCSSO’s key roles, Moffat Miller says, is sharing examples of what worked coming out of that process and highlighting best practices on a continuing basis. And while keeping a close eye on recovery, her members are also looking forward as reflected in the new report Imagining More: How State Education Agencies Can Modernize the K-12 System. “The chiefs see their role as setting conditions and clearing a path for districts who are ready to take the next step.” Tune in to hear examples of what’s working across the country to improve K-12 education and what role employers can play in supporting state education goals.

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About Futuro Health 

Futuro Health is a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wealth of communities by growing the largest network of healthcare workers in the nation.

Futuro Health makes education journeys into allied health careers possible by growing the talent that employers need and creating a path to opportunity that workers want.

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