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Journalist and analyst Paul Fain has covered higher education at a national level for 19 years. Suffice to say that after reporting on higher education trends for two decades, it must take a lot to impress him. Still, he seemed very excited by the Futuro Health model, giving us high marks and noting that not only are we a “complex solution to an enormous societal challenge” but we are an “unusual model worth watching”.

Futuro Health’s innovative approach to solving allied health workforce issues includes serving the underserved communities that often bear the largest brunt of reduced healthcare resources --and this month’s newsletter contains a few examples of how we at Futuro Health have put this mission into action.

A few highlights:

Van Ton-Quinlivan,
CEO Futuro Health

National Higher Education Journalist Paul Fain Covers Futuro Health

“Demand is surging for allied health care workers, including medical assistants, radiologic technologists, and physical therapist assistants. The pandemic has accelerated that demand, while also adding digital elements to both the jobs and the training in certain entry-level health care fields.

Yet running an allied health program with good outcomes and a viable business model isn’t easy. And several for-profit colleges with large medical assistant programs either collapsed or shrunk during the last decade.

The new Futuro Health is an unusual model worth watching, according to a wide range of observers. It’s also a complex solution to an enormous societal challenge, like most of the programs featured in this newsletter.”  

Read the rest of Fain’s “Priming the Pump” in The Job.

New Futuro Health Programs to Prepare Students For Success

Community Health Workers Play Crucial Role in Pandemic’s Mental Health Aftermath

The pandemic’s aftermath will include a rise in mental health issues with accompanying behavioral health issues like mild depression, drug use, alcohol abuse, etc. Futuro Health’s investment in a behavioral health-trained workforce starts by enrolling 350 adults tuition-free to become Community Health Workers (CHW) with behavioral health training so that they can be of service in their own communities. CHWs are being called out by the Biden administration. Pass on the opportunity to people you know.

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Futuro Health Introduces New Dental Assistant Program

Adding to Futuro Health’s growing options of workforce-ready, tuition-free programs, aspiring dental assistants can now enroll in a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) program to become a State Board-certified RDA, learning key skills such as performing dental x-rays, dental impressions, oral health care, and more.

Futuro Health is offering the opportunity for qualified applicants to enroll in this program, tuition-free in Sacramento, North Hollywood and Garden Grove. Pass on the opportunity to people you know.

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Futuro Health Completes Vaccination Initiative at the Moscone Center

Following more than eight weeks at The Moscone Center, Futuro Health has finished our role in this rapid and extensive vaccination campaign with impressive reach:

  • 387 workers provided
  • 4,350 shifts worked
  • 25,500 hours staffed
  • 7,500 clinical hours earned towards student’s graduation and licensure requirements

“The opportunity provided for the students at Futuro Health was amazing,” said Julie Withrington RN, BSN, CCRN, NNEB, Professor of Nursing at the College of San Mateo. “The students were able to become part of a huge public health initiative while gaining direct clinical hours administering vaccines to the local community in San Francisco. The student body at College of San Mateo is incredibly diverse and many of the students are fluent in other languages. The students were able to utilize their language skills putting patients at ease addressing their concerns related to the COVID vaccine while providing quality care.”

“Not only were we able to contribute to widespread vaccination efforts in San Francisco, but the students who joined us from College of San Mateo, Unitek College, and Quest Nursing, all gained the clinical, hands-on experience needed to fulfill their graduation and licensing requirements,” said Debbie Yaddow, RN, MSN, BSN, Futuro Health’s Senior Director of Pathway Development. 

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Futuro Health Thanks Vaccination Workers and Volunteers

WorkforceRx Podcast: Shalin Jyotishi, Senior Policy Analyst at New America: Aligning National R&D and Workforce Development

Episode #17: Bridging Cultural Gaps to Provide Better Care

"I think we have a moment in this new decade we are in to start fresh when it comes to how we build our economies and build our communities and build our society,” says Shalin Jyotishi, senior policy analyst at New America. An important part of this fresh start is to further connect workforce development with the nation's R&D and doing so beyond the nation's tech corridors. Jyotishi says universities and community colleges have a role to play, but so do faith-based organizations, unions and state governments. A self-described public interest technologist, he counsels against being afraid of the rise in automation in favor of seeing people as the ultimate arbiters of how technology is applied. Join Futuro Health CEO Van Ton-Quinlivan for this insightful exploration of emerging ideas in education, training, tech and public policy that could reshape our economy and society for the better.

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