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Why Recruit with Futuro Health

Why Recruit with Futuro Health

We’ve done the work to build a day-one ready allied health talent pool for you.

Future-proof your healthcare workforce.

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Finding and retaining talent will only become more challenging in the future of healthcare. Skillsets are shifting. Cost pressures are growing. Cultural competency, bilingualism, lived experiences, and literacy in data and technology can make the difference in how you deliver patient outcomes and address social determinants of health. 

Futuro Health understands. We are a public-private collaborative partnership building a new education-to-work model where employers, students, and communities all benefit. Our team combines extensive real-world experience in healthcare, workforce development, higher education, and data science, so we know how to deliver a quality, diverse, reliable talent pool. We are a non-profit that believes in opportunity and the power of good jobs to change lives.    

The focus in our early years is on allied health occupations requiring more than a high school degree but less than a bachelor’s degree. Each year, plan for us to add more to our education and training catalog.   


Futuro Health’s unique approach to growing talent integrates a number of proven strategies: 

  • We train students for industry credentials valued by employers. We look to labor market data and input from employers to shape our training opportunities. More than 50 employers – from large hospitals to small health centers, from chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief medical/clinical officers to leaders of functional areas  – validated our 2021 education and training catalog.

See our training calendar.  

Join the Employer Consortium to inform future curricula for the skillsets you require.

  • We source diverse candidates before the training starts. Our partner SEIU-UHW, with 97,000 members who work in healthcare, organizes targeted ethnic community outreach and the scouting of applicants rather than leave diversity to chance. In 2020, the students we enrolled averaged 35 years in age. They were 85% female, 87% ethnically diverse, 34% bilingual, and had a range of lived experiences.
  • We collaborate with education partners who do what they do best. We use the feedback employers give us about the skills their workers need to curate the education partners we invite into our Partner Ecosystem to provide training. Sometimes, we leverage curriculum as is, other times we commission new curriculum to ensure employers get what they need, and we intersperse interpersonal skills called Human Touch Healthcare to improve how graduates interact with care teams and provide patient care.
  • We embed human touchpoints along a student’s journey to help them find success. We focus on skilling and reskilling adults and embed human touchpoints along the way, as we leverage data science toward the same end. Students who journey with Futuro Health are guided by a Navigator, and when it’s time to start the job hunt, they are paired with a Success Mentor, an experienced healthcare worker who wants to advise the next generation on the healthcare workplace. 
  • We make education and training affordable. Our graduates come to you without student debt because Futuro Health generously underwrote the cost of their tuition. We heard through our focus groups that workers often felt “stuck” due to their student loans and unable to pursue more education necessary to advance. Futuro Health is passionate about creating opportunity and social mobility through our mission.     


  • By 2030, the over-65 population will grow by an estimated 4 million, increasing the demand for healthcare in the home and closer to home and requiring more specialized healthcare workers. California alone needs an estimated 500,000 allied health workers by 2024. When the shortage gets to this magnitude, no one organization alone can solve it.
  • We prioritize in-demand allied health occupationsInformed by employer feedback and data from McKinsey & Company and Burning Glass, we create new bundles of coursework from education providers throughout the nation (see Partner Ecosystem ) so students graduate day-one-ready, with an industry-valued credential and essential interpersonal skills. 
  • We don’t leave interpersonal skills to chance. Our proprietary Human Touch Healthcare™ course, which awards badges along the way, enables students to develop and practice six essential competencies valued by employers: Emotional Intelligence, Empathy & Compassion, Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, Teamwork, and Ethics & Integrity.
  • We help improve retentionPreparation and confidence lead to retention. We pair students with Success Mentors who are experienced healthcare workers so the graduates you hire are familiar with the healthcare environment and the patients they will serve. Students who take Futuro Health’s Human Touch Healthcare™ course engage in virtual simulations, including scenarios involving difficult patient care, which builds their skillset and confidence. Also, each Futuro Health student can be geolocated, so we can match you with graduates in your area, and we collect data on their bilingualism and lived experiences to continuously improve how we build the talent pool to serve your needs. 
  • We keep innovating so you can keep up with the rate of changeWorkforce development is our focus. That’s why we can innovate continuously. Subscribe to our eConnection newsletter or listen to our WorkforceRx with Futuro Health podcasts to keep up to date on curricular innovations, private-public partnerships, data science capability, and other ways we are aiming to future-proof the healthcare workforce. 


  • Let AlliedUP expertly match your job opportunities with workers. Access part-time or temporary workers through AlliedUP, a healthcare staffing co-op where the owners are the workers. AlliedUP focuses solely on staffing for allied healthcare, and its mission is to provide excellent patient care and to deliver high-quality service to clients.  
  • Try out students before they graduate. Sponsor externships and clinical rotations for a low-risk way to determine whether students are a good fit for your organization. Contact, and we will connect you to Partner Ecosystems education provider(s) nearest to you.
  • Recruit directly from Futuro Health. If you regularly struggle to hire and keep staff, join the Employer Consortium to gain preferred access to candidates before and after they complete their training with us.